How long will it take to design my stationery?

If you’re having a personalised collection from our existing designs, we aim to get a proof to you within 72 hours. Then, once confirmed we can send the files to our printers, who will send them to us for quality control and packaging, before being sent to you. This process tends to take around 2 weeks, depending on if any changes are necessary. Bespoke designs vary hugely as it is decided by the size of the suite and how many illustrations you’ll need. It is best to allow 4-6 weeks for bespoke designs, though it is always possible to do these in stages, and send items out to you as soon as they’re ready.

However, if you are in a rush please let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

What's the difference between your Stationery Collections and your Bespoke Designs?

Stationery collections are collections that can be personalised for you using already existing hand-drawn designs. This can include text colour and information changes for no extra charge. Collections can also become semi-bespoke, where we can create some illustrations especially for you that we can add to these designs, or create custom products. We can also add finishing touches such as ties, stickers or vellum wraps. Please get in touch for a quote if you have any ideas.

Bespoke collections are where we create a entire luxury suite designed especially for you based on the ideas you have for your special day. For examples of our bespoke work please click here.

How many invitations shall I order?

As a rule of thumb, most people order 60-70% the number of guests for the number of invitations. For example if you have 100 guests you may need 60-70 invitations. This allows for couples and families. Though, the best way is to write a quick list and see how many you’ll need to avoid over-ordering.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order quantity for invitations is 20 items.

Will I get to see proofs of my design?

Before your stationery goes to print I will be in touch with a proof of the designs.

Personalised collections will receive two proofs free of charge, after which there will be a charge of £25 per proof.

Bespoke collections will receive three proofs free of charge, after which my hourly rate will apply.

Can you help with wording?

Of course we can! We appreciate that some elements of wedding stationery can often be tricky to find words for (especially gift lists and whether you’re inviting chilren/plus-ones) so we are here to help.

Contact us here with anything you’re struggling with and we’ll do our best to help.

What is your process for bespoke work?

For bespoke work, I like to start by having a discussion with the couple. Whether this is in person over a nice cup of tea or on the phone or via Skype, I find it very useful to talk to you and get a feel for what you’d like and start doing some sketches and getting some ideas together.

After this, I create some preliminary thumbnails of layout and design with a more accurate printing quote.

Once we’ve decided on the design, I get drawing. I then scan in all the items and design the stationery.

You then receive proofs, which once approved will be formatted for print and sent off to be printed professionally.

The items then come back to the studio, where they are quality checked and packaged, before being sent to you ready for sending out to your guests.

We can package items up for you, including addressing the stationery, so please ask more about this if it is something you’re interested in.

How long will a custom design take?

Every design is very different, and due to this we don’t offer any packages. The detail and number of illustrations, the quantity of stationery items that you require, and the printing and finishing processes are all deciding factors for the time frame we will need.

A small change, such as an extra illustrated flourish may take as little as a couple of hours, whereas a whole design suite may take in excess of 50 hours. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your ideas and get a more detailed quote.

Do I have to write the names on the invitations?

With the personalised stationery, your names will be on the entire suite, but any guest names you will need to add.

There is the possibility of getting each guest’s name printed on the invitations for a small fee, so please enquire about this if you are interested.

There is also the possibility of leaving out the space for names, and simply addressing the envelopes – a preferred choice by an increasing number of couples. We also have an envelope addressing service if you’d like to save even more time.

Can we order samples?

Absolutely! Our sample packs are £5 and you will receive several items from the collection of your choice.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Anywhere that the postal service can reach we will post to.

UK delivery is free, but if you are out of the UK please get in touch for a quotation based on weight and size of the delivery.

What types of paper and printing is available?

Our collections are currently printed on a gorgeous watercolour textured heavyweight cardstock of 300gsm. However, this is just our paper of choice to show off the watercolour illustrations and many other papers are available including smooth, ribbed, and recycled paper stocks.

We can achieve many different printing finishes. At the moment our collections are digitally printed at a high quality, but we also have access to many other finishes including letterpress printing, screen printing, laser cutting, etching, fabric printing, embroidery and foiling. A basis in illustration and design has led us to accumulate knowledge about all of these processes, and are lucky enough to know many artisans in the creative industries that can deliver a high level of custom printing processes.

Please contact us about different paper stocks and printing processes and we can send over more information.

Do you offer digital invitations?

I’m afraid not. We feel the printing processes and paper choices are all part of our design process and like to keep these decisions in-house to make sure that all of our work goes out at the highest quality.

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